Blog Update, UDK & CryEngine

By | 02/08/2012

Well, my website has been very quiet for the last few months. I’ve spent the last few weeks working with CryEngine, very impressed so far, I especially like the LUA scripting and having access to the C++ code. But not sure I will continue to use it as I have found a bug with the AI system, a very simple component, called the Interest System. The bug is here, still cant get it to work even by following the instructions very carefully. This doesn’t fill me with much confidence if such a simple component doesnt work, so I’ve had to decide to switch back to UDK in order to get my project for my PhD making some progress. As much as I dont like UnrealScript, I’ve had less problems and more forum support with UDK than CryEngine.

Will now be updating my website more regularly now, and posting on twitter, see right of page, so keep coming back !