CAMKIX Phone Mount for PS4 Controller

By | 21/05/2018

I recently purchased a CAMKIX Phone Mount for the PS4 Controller, It’s an attachment for your PS4 controller, onto which you place your mobile phone. This lets you play any games which can be linked to a PS4 controller via Bluetooth.

The box is very tightly packed, but contains:

Rubber sleeve for a PS4 controller

Phone holder

Screen wipe

Micros USB cable

There are no instructions with the kit! While the kit looks fairly simple, if like me, you attempt to attach the rubber sleeve to the controller BEFORE adding the phone holder, you will find that the holder does not fit over the rubber sleeve. Even some graphical instructions to clarify this order would help, as you do risk breaking the small connection tab on the holder, see below.

Even when you place the holder onto the controller first, this is a very tight connection. You will have better success if you try to get one corner of the tab over the lip first. Just be careful as the tab does bend slightly and feels like it could break. Once on, it’s a very solid  fit and in my experience so far, feels like part of the controller itself. The only other small concern is the thin rubber strip on the back of the sleeve, see below, just above the back light and micro USB slot on the controller. It’s possible that over time this might wear thin and break if you are constantly removing the sleeve, so just take care with it.

Your phone then sits in the expandable clamp, which is tight enough to hold the phone securely, without feeling like it was going to crush it. The lower clamp does have a good curve to it, to help grip the phone more securely. The top clamp also has a curve but it is less prominent. A larger curve or lip on this top clamp would be of benefit in a future version. I tried shaking the controller and phone (over a pillow I have to say) and it required a good deal of force to unlodge the phone. I cant see the phone becoming dislodged during normal everyday use, except if you throw it across the room in rage after being fragged by an eight year old – but that’s your own fault.

After using it for a while it feels very solid. I do not find myself worrying that my phone is going to fall out. In fact I have taken to using the rubber sleeve by itself when playing on the PS4 as the grip provided by the sleeve feels much more solid during normal play on the PS4.

The CAMKIX Phone Mount for the PS4 Controller costs £9.33 on Amazon. For that price I’m quite happy with it. Playing games with the PS4 controller is a far more enjoyable experience than using touch controls on the phone itself. Its actually turned out to be two products in one: a mobile phone holder for the PS4 controller, and a grip for normal PS4 use.