Lightweight Linux Revival

I have an old laptops not being used anymore (2gb RAM , Intel Core 2 Duo 1.73 Hz), which needed to be revived. It originally had Windows 7 installed on it and despite a fresh re-install, was slow to boot, and when it was ready to use, would  plod along like OAP donkey carrying a… Read More »

RPG World Building – Introduction

Welcome world builders. I am going to be blogging my experience of world building for RPGs, in the hope the experience may be of some help to others. This is generic world building so will not be specific to table-top or video games. I will be working through the process of building a world from… Read More »

Graduate Employability: Start Early !

It’s approaching that time of year when final year University students are beginning to think about looking/applying for jobs. There are many websites which can give good advise on how to do this and how to prepare your CV and prepare for an interview. But I do feel that University students need to prepare for… Read More »


  I came across my Raspberry Pi at the weekend, plugged it in and started it up and found myself playing around with SCRATCH. By co-incidence, my daughter came home from school  a few days later and told me she had started using SCRATCH at her High School. As we were sitting watching TV together, she sat next… Read More »

Updated UnrealScript Setup Article

I have updated “Setup the UnrealScript Environment” tutorial to the July 2012 version of UDK, now using Visual Studio 2010 which is the latest version of Visual Studio with which the nFringe plugin will work. Hope you find it useful. Tweet

Blog Update, UDK & CryEngine

Well, my website has been very quiet for the last few months. I’ve spent the last few weeks working with CryEngine, very impressed so far, I especially like the LUA scripting and having access to the C++ code. But not sure I will continue to use it as I have found a bug with the AI… Read More »

Employment and Employability Event at ARU, Cambridge

‘Employment and Employability’ event is taking place Wed 25th April, from 5:00 pm in LAB003 at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. Speakers will inform students of skills and qualities expected of ‘computing’ graduates as well as what range of careers the students might like to consider. After this session (app. 1 hour) there will be… Read More »

Your Games Industry Needs You

Your Games Industry needs YOU! Brains Eden 2012. Pre-Event Seminar.   A programme of talks focusing on what it’s like working in the games industry.   Location: LAB 002 at Anglia Ruskin University, Wednesday 25th April from 2pm, followed by a social gathering at the Tram Depot, 3 Dover Street.   James Sweatman – Senior… Read More »

Global Games Jam at UCS

  Big thanks to Rob Kurta at University Campus Suffolk for organising a local hub for the Global Games Jam. Teams from UCS and Anglia Ruskin University gathered to make games over the weekend of 27,28,29th January. The results are really great for just a couple of days work, and when I visited on the… Read More »

Old Buckehnam High School & UDK

Today I had a group of year 11 pupils from Old Buckenham high School in Norfolk visiting the University. I gave a brief lecture about the Unreal Engine, and then the pupils worked through a small tutorial aimed at adding some interactions into Epic Citadel, the same level which you can download from iTunes and… Read More »