USc – DefaultEngineUDK.ini and ModEditPackages

 Some tutorials tell you to edit DefaultEngine.ini and uncomment the following line:  ;ModEditPackages=MyMod  As of the July 2007 release of UDK (possibly before ?) this line is now in DefaultEngineUDK.ini Tweet

USc – Start UDK with Your Own Custom Map

First, create and save your own level from within the Unreal Editor. Assume the name of the level is MyLevel.udk (you should substitute this name for own own level name). To load this level at start-up, change the following lines in DefaultEngine.ini Map=UTFrontEnd.udk LocalMap=UTFrontEnd.udk To Map=My_Level.udk LocalMap=My_level.udk Tweet

USc – UnrealScript Environment Setup – UDK July 2012

Introduction This tutorial will guide you through setting up a development environment for Unreal Script. At the end of the tutorial you will have a set of tools to quickly edit, compile and navigate through the code base of UnrealScript. the tutorial is designed to show you how to setup your environment, ready to follow… Read More »

USc – Working with .ini Files

Working with .ini Files in UDK .ini Files are used to save configuration data for your UDK games. there are two types: those which begin with ‘Default‘ and those which begin with ‘UDK‘. you need to be careful which version you arr your configuration data to. Both are explained below. The * used in the… Read More »