Computing at Schools Presentation, 17h Feb, Stevenage

By | 23/01/2011

On January the 17th I gave a brief talk to the Cambridgeshire Hub of the Computing at Schools Organisation, which are promoting real Computer Science within the curriculum, as opposed to ICT. I gave a brief talk on the potential of KISMET in Unreal Development Kit, for teaching programming skills, prior to using traditional text based languages. KISMET is a visual scripting tool which allows you to create quite complex 3D interactions, wihtin a cutting edge game engine, simply by connecting various commands together with flow lines. The exmaple below is comparing a boolean variable to either TRUE or FALSE, just like an IF statement in traditional languages. If the variable is TRUE, then flow continues out through the TRUE connector to the right.


On Feb 17th I will be giving a slightly longer presentation and demo of KISMET at the launch of the Hertfordshire Hub of Computing at Schools, more details and booking form are here. I am trying to raise some interest in this approach to make computer science and programming more interesting and relevent to school pupils, by using the exactly same technology which is used to create the games they play at home. If you would like to know more you can read through my proposal here.