DS Screen Woes…

By | 02/10/2009

‘s just typical of life. You finally feel like you’ve got somewhere (say… like mod-ing an XBOX, see below) when life throws you a curve ball and knocks you down again. Seconds after patting myself on my back by mod-ing my XBOX, my four year old son walks into my office and hands me ‘MY’Nintendo DS, and tells me the touch screen isn’t working! As I am a Scottish person, I immediately dread the thought of paying another £100 for a DS.



Usually I don’t waste my time with ‘Official Support’ websites and tend to head straight for the techy message boards. but this time I was pleasantly surprised to find the solution on the official Nintendo website, see here. A small ‘crumb’ had lodged between the screen and the edge of the case. Careful brushing with a small paint brush dislodged the crumb (which looked suspiciously like a crumb from a digestive biscuit I saw my son with earlier !!!) and everything was back to normal! The crumb was obviously pushing down on the screen and permanently applying pressure to it, thereby preventing any other point on the screen from being activated.


Two successful strikes in one day, looks like I’m in line for some bad luck…..