48 Hr Game Jam Underway

By | 10/07/2011

As I write this, the Brains Eden 48 Hr Game Jam is underway at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (UK), where I teach game development. Actually, the students will have been kicked out of the labs by now, 11:45pm, in an effort to make them get some sleep, but that’s unlikely considering the availability of sugar related products made available to the students, see the pic below. There are over 50 students from all over the UK, and Europe, frantically working away in order to create a complete game in just 48hrs, set on the theme of ‘TRAPPED’. Nothing more than that, the students are free to interpret it as they see fit. Staff from Jagex and Sony were around as the Jam started up and more industry professionals will be dropping in over the weekend. I could see some excellent work emerging even after the first couple of hours, but the full games will not be finished until tomorrow, Monday 11th July 2011 at 12 noon, UK time. After which the games will be on show during the Brains Eden conference at Anglia Ruskin University. All the games will be available to download and play after the event, I will post a link to them on my blog.





This should keep them going… Sugar…Sugar…Sugar…(and some fruit)

60 XL pizzas are arriving for dinner !!!!