Importing 3D Studio Max models Into SecondLife

By | 02/10/2009

I’ve just come across Prim Composer which is a plugin for 3D Studio Max. It allows you to create Second Life compatible objects within 3DSM and then export them directly into Second Life, using the MaxPort tool.


You do have to use the prims which Prim Composer makes available within 3DSM, rather than the default 3DSM primitives, which means existing models cannot be exported using this tool, but it does mean a lot of the editing tools within 3DSM can be used to create object more easily than they might be created within SecondLife. The whole process is fairly straightforward, although you should read the FAQ before using the plugin The Maxport tool which you use to to upload the exported shape into SecondLife does not have a user friendly interface and is currently just a command line tool , instructions are here