Instructional Design for Serious Games – Webinar

By | 29/12/2009

I gave an online presentation a few weeks ago to the Association for Learning Technology, called “Instructional Design for Serious Games“. I gave this talk in partnership with Scott Hewitt from Real Projects. Scott talked about various tols for creating serious games, while I looked at some examples of how design techniques from commercial video games can be of interest to designers of serious games, by using design techniques from games such as “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” and “Viva Pinata”, to name a few.

Both sets of slides and a live recording of the online webinar, including the text conversations, slides and speaker audio, are now uploaded to the ALT Open Access Repository, just click on the link to the “Instructional Design for Serious Games – 08 Dec 09” Webinar. To view the live recording of the webinar you will need to download the Illuminate software from the support website here.