Livingstone-Hope Skills Review

By | 10/02/2011

The Livingstone-Hope Skills Review of Video Games and Visual Effects was published this month and reviews the entire skills pipeline from high schools, to universities, and into industry, details here. This makes interesting reading, but in truth, doesn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know if you work in academia or the games industry. But thats not the point, at least the issues have some press and this review will hopefully act as a catalyst for change. From my point of review, having worked an equal number of years in industry and academia, this report seems to let off industry very lightly, and picks on a ‘failing education system’.  Academics who do want to change the system, have to to ‘cap in hand’ to games companies for help, and more often than the industry will want to admit, recieve a dismissive reply along the lines ‘We are too busy to help you‘. While the academic system does need to change, games companies also need to be more pro-active in assisting courses.