MOD-ing the XBOX

By | 02/10/2009

Finally finished another one of my projects today: mod-ing my XBOX to run the open source XBOX MEDIA CENTRE.
I used the software mod which relies on a flaw in the “Spliter Cell” game and an Action Replay kit,

instructions can be found here.

As usual, with most of my projects, things did not go to plan! If you do try to MOD your XBOX using the this technique to get XBOX MEDIA CENTRE running, watch out for these problems.
First I had trouble downloading the software through my IRC client and ended up downloading it from a bitTorrent (a Google search for the two files named in step 3 of the above instructions, soon finds a suitable torrent). Once I had transferred the files to the XBOX, the UnleashX dashboard would not start up after the XBOX was reset. I finally managed to get the EvoX dashboard working but THEN could not figure out how to get setup DHCP through this dashboard in order to FTP the XBOX MEDIA CENTRE software across from my PC to the XBOX. So now I needed to try the UnleashX dashboard but could not see how to get back to the SOFTMOD menu from EvoX dashboard, aarrrgghhh! Eventually I discovered that if you start the XBOX with the DVD tray open the SOFTMOD menu starts up instead of EvoX. Miraculously, UnleashX now worked first time after re-installing it from the SOFTMOD menu? Then, DHCP would not work through the UnleashX dashboard, I finally discovered this was due to a faulty network cable!!! After that, the rest of the process was painless and XBOX MEDIA CENTRE works a treat, very impressive!


Most impressive of all is the XBOX 360 Dashboard, so you can access all your media files through a familiar interface.

Overall this is a pretty powerful (and cheap) media player solution. An XBOX can be picked up from eBay for less than £50, and a suitable game (see below) and Action Replay may set you back £20 to £30, but this can always be sold on after.

Suitable Games which can be used to soft mod an XBOX are listed below, each game requires a different mod procedure so google the words ‘softmod’ and the name of the game you are using to find a suitable tutorial:

  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell
  • 007: Agent Under Fire, original game, serial #: 1448517
  • Mech Assault, serial #: MS02301l

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