Old Buckehnam High School & UDK

By | 09/01/2012


Today I had a group of year 11 pupils from Old Buckenham high School in Norfolk visiting the University. I gave a brief lecture about the Unreal Engine, and then the pupils worked through a small tutorial aimed at adding some interactions into Epic Citadel, the same level which you can download from iTunes and is provided free with UDK. The session was a great success and all the pupils were very keen and managed to work through the tutorial. Considering USK is an cutting edge, complicated game engine the pupils were still able to add a portcullis to a doorway and animate it opening by linking a trigger volume to it. Some pupils even managed to take it further and create a switch which controlled the portcullis. Great stuff, and all 1 1/2 hours!
Lecture notes are here. The Practical notes are here. Feel free to download and use these. If you do use them for an activity you are providing, please let me know you are using, and if you adapt them I would really appreciate a copy as well. You can download UDK from here www.UDK.com