Phidgets – Phidget Examples in UDK

By | 20/10/2010

Here are some examples of Phidgets in action within UDK.


Tom Linthe

Tom was a student of mine on the BSc Computer Games Technology degree at Anglia Ruskin University. The video below is a demo based on my tutorial and uses an accelerometer which simultaneously controls the camera and an external servo motor hidden in a teddy bear. This was some early work carried out as a tech demo for his final year project which eh is working on right now. 


These two videos are from a group of my students at Anglia Ruskin University (Ross Anderson, Ross Lane and Andrew Hope). the game will be ready by the end of december 2010. They are using an accelerometer phidget to control the motion of a ball which rolls down a series of tunnels, avoiding obstacles, using ramps etc. They have embeded the acceleromoeter inside a tennis ball to continue the ‘ball’ theme into the real world.


The accelerometer phidget embedded into a tennis ball.


The Cube

Another group of students who I am working with at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK (Alex Vincent, Ben Clark, Josh Croft, Andrew Dama). In this game the player controls a ball which rolls around the inside walls of a cube, with various puzzles and challenges. An accelerometer is used to control the movement of the ball, as well as a touch sensor to make the ball jump. The touch sensor requires an interface board to work correctly, which the team have built into their Lego controller. The weight of the real world controller and the time lag in responsivenss of the ball work well together to giv ethe impression of the weight of the ball in the game world.