RPG World Building – Introduction

By | 16/05/2016

Welcome world builders.

I am going to be blogging my experience of world building for RPGs, in the hope the experience may be of some help to others. This is generic world building so will not be specific to table-top or video games.
I will be working through the process of building a world from the beginning, using pen & paper and various bits of software. I will also be pulling together a list of resources which will hopefully be useful to fellow world builders.
As for the end result, well, I have no idea at this stage what that will be, but I aim to flesh out the world map and the main themes of the world. Then, focus down on one continent…country…town…dungeon, leaving the rest of the world undefined. I will blog my experiences as I go along. The first post will be pulling together some of the main resources I will be using.
Hope you find this useful.

Map by Pär Lindström http://freefantasymaps.org/par-lindstrom-style/

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