The Mozart Effect ?

By | 26/03/2018

It is well known that music can have an impact on learning. Parents and teachers will argue that it distracts from learning, but there is a significant body of evidence which suggests otherwise, although you should read the small print. This link is a good start.

So this got me thinking about how my own playlists fit into this research.

According to this link, your favourite music can help you be more productive. So my Foo Fighters playlist works here.

However, vocals in the music can be distracting. In that case I need to switch over to the Skyrim Exploration Suite.

This article suggests that disliked music can be better for performance than liked music. So that means I should be playing German Jazz.

I have yet to find a play list for a Jazzed up German Foo Fighting Explorer, so that leaves me more confused than when I started reading the research. The more you learn, the less you know.