UDK and iPhone Dev Tools

By | 15/12/2010

Epic are relaseing developer tools for UDK on the iPhone tomorrow, here: www.udk.com

You might find this forum discussion by Mark Rein provides an insight, esp about the question of releasing existing UDK games onto the iPhone !


There will be no charge for games which are released for free, although a $99 licence and 25% royalties after the first $5000 in sales will be required if you want to charge for your game, but include the 30% slice which Apple takes from your sales first, that all adds up to quite a big chunk of your income.


UDKCentral will start to add more iPhone info as time goes on http://udkc.info/index.php?title=IOS Prepare yourself for a wave of rushed UDK games over the festive period.