Unity Game Engine now FREE !!!

By | 02/11/2009

The Unity game engine has been made freely available (Press release 28th October 2009). The engine used to cost $199, but now it is available at no cost, this is a real bonus for budding game developers. I like the way Unity focusses on assets and exposes script variables through the GUI. Being able to use Javascript and C# is also very flexible. Most tutorials focus on Javascript but I have recently managed to get phidgets working in unity using C# with very little hassle.
I have used Unity and Torque now for a number of years and have found Unity much more accessible (although I cant comment about the latest version of Toque 3D as I had given up on Torque before it came out). I always thought Unity was worth the $199, but now its free, there is really no arguement…or maybe thats the scotsman in me talking?